Privacy Policy

We are committed to providing our customers with completely reliable and authentic services at Pelle Pelle Clothing. Our carefully designed policies ensure to maintain that. It is every customer’s dream to get an excellent shopping experience when they are buying things they love. And we balance that with the need to respect the rules and regulations of the international business world. You will be guided till the final step with utmost care to enable you to make exceptional buying decisions.

This is the reason we insist that our clients must provide us with accurate personal details. Having the correct and clear name, address, contact number, email and more, allow seamless procedures. We have made the security and usage of your data evident in our policies. It is our priority to create meaningful and lasting bonds with every customer.

Why are your personal details required?

Having your details enable us to manage everything smoothly from the point of purchase to delivery. It also lets us inform you about anything important related to your favorite products. Following are the basic reasons we ask for details from our buyers:

  • It helps us keep track of your shopping history so our services can cater identify your preferences even better.
  • Our customer support can operate even more capably when they have correct and clear details.
  • Having your contact number and email address helps to update you about any beneficial offers that we have.
  • Faster transactions and timely delivery are made possible.
Picture Credit and Copyright

The product images on our website are a part of the convenient, high-quality, and enjoyable experience we create for you. Implementing a copyright policy is to discourage third parties from falsely claiming them. Strict action will be taken against sellers, retailers, or organizations for unlawful use of our content.

  • We will submit a request to Google for closing down the offensive website.
  • Legal warning will be issued to the involved party.
  • They will be inspected for further dishonest practices.
Age Restriction

Pelle Pelle Clothing specifically deals in adult fashion needs. Age restrictions apply when we are dealing with customers. Our online store is only accessible to persons aged 18 and above. Any user below that will need complete parental approval and consent.

Legal Assent

It is our ambition at Pelle Pelle Clothing to bring the joy of using top-quality apparel to our customers. That cannot be accomplished however without your cooperation. By adhering to our legal points, you can make it easier for us to provide you the service you deserve.

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